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Top Teens of America

TTA President

Alexandria City Chapter
Top Teen Charter Members
Chartered April 22, 2007

Teen Brianna Bell
Teen Aaron Clark
Teen Raymond Collazo
Teen Tyree Durr
Teen Ciarra McPhail
Teen Simone McPhail
Teen Shannon Moore
Teen Darian Nichols
Teen Shawnice Nickens
Teen Branford Rogers
Teen Lauren Simmons
Teen James Walker

Honorary Member: Teen
Oliver Bellamy, lll

The TTA Story

In 1964, the eight founders of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc.’s primary objective was to help alleviate the moral and social problems engulfing the youth in our communities.  This was done via a youth organization. 

In 1968 while meeting in Fort Worth, Texas, the membership of Top Ladies decided that the group should have an official name.  Lady Cordelia Mackey suggested the name of Top Teens of America… The name was adopted.

In 1969, there was a need to form a Top Teens of America group in each chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction.  A committee was appointed and resultantly, the first National Top Teens of America convention was organized.


The Houston Chapter of Top Ladies and Top Teens hosted a meeting to organize the National Top Teen.  Teen representatives from all Top Teens of America chapters were in attendance.  Under the guidance of the first National Director of Tope Teens of America, Lady Will Glass, the first National Convention of Top Teens of America was held in Houston, Texas.   Over 300 Top Teens were in attendance.  Top Teen Harnell Price of the Rose City Chapter was elected as the first TTA National President.  At this convention, the purposes of TTA were defined.


The purpose of the organization shall be to:

A. Encourage high academic scholarship

B. Develop social graces, leadership and fellowship abilities;

C. Develop pride in self, home and community

D. Encourage participation in workshops which address currents trends

E. Work collaboratively with other organizations to reach mutual goals


F. Develop deep concerns for senior citizens, status of women, community beautification and community partnerships


G. Encourage appreciation for ethnic and cultural heritage


TTA projects have expanded over the years to include:


Participation in the National Association of Colored People (NAACP)


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