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Programmatic Thrusts

Ongoing programs and projects are important to the fulfillment of TLOD’s mission.  As “shapers of change,” members of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. have through each administration continued their efforts toward “Serving Youth and Adults.”  Our five (5) programmatic thrusts include:

Top Teens of America



Provides opportunities for wholesome development of youth through activities that will enhance educational, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and economic development.






Status of Women


Enhances the status of women by helping to identify ways of utilizing the time, talents, skills and total resources of women.


Senior Citizens


Supplies information and assistance in the promotion of wholesome and meaningful lives for senior citizens, and leadership to assist local senior citizens with empowerment techniques leading to increased advocacy of issues that impact their lives.


Community Partnerships


Creates structure for the formation of community partnerships that simultaneously meet the goals of Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated by ensuring excellence, flexibility and accountability by engaging in mutually collaborative arrangements with corporate sponsors, governmental entities and other community organizations in addressing issues of concerns for youth and adults.
Community Beautification


Creates and implements projects which enhance the quality of life and help preserve the physical beauty of our environment by providing a series of activities designed to emphasize the importance of a clean, green environment.




Sickle Cell


St. Jude


Literacy Program

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